October’s Health Update

I am learning a lot about the state of my health as I travel this journey. One thing I had not realized till recently is how much fatigue plays a role in my life. I blamed so much on the pain, that I had not realized how tired I was overall. But this past few weeks had me, just as I was recovering from my trip, plunging headfirst into a rite of passage only to find my self back at alarming fatigue again.

So now I get it, my pain does not cause my fatigue. It is a separate symptom altogether. Which makes sense in a way, but I had long forgotten my early experiences with this illness. In the early days, pain was one of the early indications of a flare up. It was followed by a fever then the fog and fatigue would kick in within days. It was always a struggle to gather enough food and supplies before the fog descended.

Nowadays, the fog and fatigue is nowhere as severe, but I still need to account for it in my plans. My November is in a word, crazy! So I will need to budget my time and energy, along with asking for help when I need it.

This past Monday, two of my students came over and cleaned up my kitchen for me as I sat mumbling to myself on the sofa. I am so grateful for the help I receive. I just have to get better at asking for help and accepting it when it is offered.

So this latest med is helping a lot with the pain, it is down to a 2 or 3 on the pain scale. I am sleeping better and when I take it easy, I can actually enjoy my life as a pain free person.

It is amazing how much I had identified with my illness. But now I can discover a new me along this continuing journey.


And a quick off topic Shout Out: My students bought me a copy of Jung’s Red Book! I am so overwhelmed by their generosity. I cried when I opened the box, and I still sit and stare at it from across the room. I do not want this moment to pass too quickly.

Thanks Guys, You All Totally Rock!!!

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