Blogging Against Confusion

My Peacock IconMy Peacock IconI realized months ago that Live Journal was not what I wanted to be the repository of my thoughts and insights; and that this web site cannot simply be a repository for what I call my “serious” writing. But I kept the artificial separation going, driving myself into a dual life that strangled my so-called serious writing and left my live journal a repository for sudden whims.

Do not get me wrong; I have some really good entries on LJ, I just … I dunno … I just feel this need to have all my writings in one place.

This all came to a head this weekend when I began writing what I thought was a simple blog on spiritual authority, and it ballooned into a two thousand word (and counting) rant. That meant it was way to big for live journal and that it will have to be turned into three or more pages on Katrinas Joy. It was then that it hit me; I really need to feed this writing bug more often. Otherwise when I finally allow myself a chance the floodgates will open and I will turn into miss wordy pants ™. (It also probably means that I need a good editor too.)

So for now, I will stop splitting myself into two and start blogging away the confusion inside my own head. So I am taking the plunge. Starting today, all my writings, serious, silly, deep and shallow will appear on this site. I will save Mary’s Daughter as an entry into reading my friend’s journals and other feeds I find interesting.

In my copious free time, I will move some of my better schtuff from LJ into the archives on this site. So look out world, the muzzle is coming off and the raptor is circling.


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