Conference Workshops Available

Typically 1.5 to 2 hours

On Shadows & Projections
Polishing the Jewel: Building a Personal Spiritual Practice
Respectful Blending of Spiritual Traditions and Paths
Tools of the Warrior: Awareness, Power, Presence, Compassion, & Intent
The Art Of Ecstatic Ritual (Parts 1 & 2)
How to Move (and Direct) Energy in Groups
Working within Dreamtime
Myth: Four Cycles of Inanna
Creating and Using Chakra-based Body Maps
Spiritual Vocation & The 3 Classic Vows
Intro to Qabala for Pagans
Ritual Vocal Skills
Psychology of Magic
Building Pagan Economic Sustainability
Psychic Cleansings for Fun & Profit
Creating Healthy Boundaries
Shadow Work for Leaders, Clergy, Adepts & Mystics
Directing Energy for Personal Work
Four Archetypes of Spiritual Vocation
Considerations on Starting a Magical Tradition
Money & Magic
Magical Correspondences: An Alternate Worldview
Pagan Clergy?: Surviving the Christian Paradigm
Beyond Consensus Decision Making
Leadership Skills
Building Healthy Organizations
Public Outreach Campaign
Web Planning, Design & Maintenance
Planning, Budgeting & Bookkeeping
Gods & Archetypes
Awakenings: Exploring the Principles of Creativity

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